On The Move

Mike and I made the decision last year to move to a different city.  This idea was always in our '5 year plan' and after discussing it with the boys, and an amazing family holiday to our destination, we agreed that we didn't really know why we were waiting and decided to bring the move forward - by 4 1/2 years!!

6 months later (and a few visits to find somewhere to live) we have now moved in to our awesome new home in Queenstown, New Zealand.  

We drove all our worldly possessions down in a truck over 3 days while my mum looked after the boys.  Then the boys flew down and finally get to see their new home!  We had tried to include them in our decisions as much as possible so they had seen the new house & their bedrooms through photos, but I was excited to pick them up and show them in person.

While Mike was busy doing the 3 days drive returning the moving truck back to Auckland, I was trying to sort out the boys furniture in their bedrooms and getting the kitchen unpacked & sorted so there could be a little normality for them. The fun thing is is that our family cat 'Pebbles' was on the same flight down with them too so they got to experience the new house together!

Moving our family to a different city where we know no-one wasn't an easy decision to make, but with the lifestyle changes & opportunities and adventures available here for us all we were and are confident that we are going to have an amazing time.  

I am so grateful that being able to be a mum working from home allows me to do exciting/adventurous things like this as I am not stuck in an office job that ties me down to any one destination.  Such a nice feeling to challenge ourselves, face the fear of uncertainty and do it anyway.  Especially when we know its providing such a better life for our kids.



- Anthony J. D'Angelo